Invitation to IDREFJÄLLVECKAN 2024

Jubilee edition – 50 years

Idrefjällveckan 2024 will start on Sunday 23 June with a long-distance jubilee national competition. On Monday 24 June, we will then continue to celebrate 50 years in the form of ”Jubileums Rejset” on the mountain top Gränjesvålen where we will offer an orienteering challenge beyond the usual for all participants. 

Between Tuesday and Thursday, 25-27 June, Idrefjällen’s classic 3-day competition will be organised with a chase start on the 3rd final day for the classes HD14-HD65. All three rounds will be held at the beautiful arena at Lake Burusjön, right next to the water. There will be ”Open classes” on all competition days and you can register directly for open classes at the competition day or on the Swedish Eventor at a reduced fee.


HD10-HD80 plus Open Classes. Please note that on Monday 24 June, there are four (4) different courses/classes so be sure to register for the right competition/course/class.

Course lengths

The course lengths will follow the Swedish Orienteering Federation’s (SOFT) recommendations for each distance.


Registration for the competitions is made via Swedish Eventor no later than Sunday, June 16 at 23.59. Late registrations by Wednesday, June 19 at 23.59 for a 50% increased fee. You may also register for Open classes on Swedish Eventor, for a lower fee in comparison to registering on the day of the competition.

23 June Jubileumsorientering – 50 år Eventor
24 June Jubileums-Rejset – 50 år Eventor
25–27 June Idrefjällens 3-days – 50 år Eventor

Competition fee
The competition fees must be paid by June 16 2024!

Please note that all bank charges must be paid by the payer.

Payee:               Idrefjällens OK, c/o Idre Fjäll, Box 202, 790 91 Idre
Currency:          SEK, payment only accepted in Swedish currency.
IBAN:                 SE12 8000 0818 7700 4180 3164
BIC:                   SWEDSESS
Bank:                Swedbank

Info Centre

Idrefjällveckan 2024 Info Centre is available throughout the week near the reception at Idre Fjäll. All kinds of participant services are provided here during the week and will be open from Saturday, June 22, 2024, at 17.00-19.00. On all other days, it will be open between 18.00-19.00 except for the last day Thursday 27 June when the Info Centre will be located at the arena.

At the Info Centre you can register for Open Courses, make changes to courses, get information about training maps and much more. Training maps will be available at the activity centre via self-service from June 21, 2024.

Venues Competition Arenas

Sunday 23 June Skidstadion By foot or bike from Idre Fjäll
Monday 24 June Gränjesvålen By foot or bike from Idre Fjäll or the ski lift
Tue 25-Thu 27 June Burusjön Car or bike. Follow the instructions of the car park attendant!

Competition fees

23 June Jubileumsorientering – 50 år Adult SEK 180, Youth SEK 90
24 June Jubileums-Rejset – 50 år Adult SEK 145kr, Youth SEK 75
25–27 June Idrefjällens 3-dagars – 50 år Adult SEK180/day, Youth SEK SEK 90/day

Punching system

SportIdent will be used during all competitions during Idrefjällveckan 2024 – 50 years.

Gift card 2023

During Idrefjällveckan 2023, there were many lucky people who won a Gift Card with free entry to either the entire week, all five competitions (Gift Card Gold) or a free entry to the 50 Journey. We ask you who won one of these gift cards to bring these as proof to show in the Info Centre when you arrive at Idrefjällveckan 2024. We will then administer this so you have a free start to the competitions it entitles you to. We thank you for your help with this!

Embargoed areas World Cup 2025

Parts of the area at Idre Fjäll have already been embargoed for training and competition due to the World Cup 2025 Idre Fjäll. Webb link embargoed areas:

Daily program

Sunday 23 June, Jubilee orienteering– 50 years – Long distance

The ski stadium at Idre Fjäll will be the venue for the first day. On the longer courses, we will offer some bare mountains and some very interesting and partly detailed slopes on and around Hemmeråsen. For the shorter and easier courses, the ”Plattenområdet” plus its surroundings will be used. Both the visibility and runnability are generally excellent in the area.

Monday 24 June, Jubileums-Rejset – 50 years – Middle distance

To celebrate Idrefjällveckan’s 50 years, we will arrange a replica of Idrefjällveckan’s founder – Kart-Bosse’s 40th anniversary. At the time of that anniversary, a course with 40 controls was offered. This summer there will be a course with 50 controls called ”Jubileums-Rejset 50” (50 controls/7.9 km) and we will also offer Jubileums-Rejset Half (30 controls / 4.5 km), Jubileums-Rejset Mini (20 controls/3.4 km) and finally Jubileums-Rejset Micro (10 controls / 1.6 km). The arena will be located on Gränjesvålen, which can be reached by foot, bike or via the ski-lift.

Tuesday 25 June – Thursday 27 June, IDREFJÄLLENS 3-days – 50 years – Stage 1–3

The 3-Day competition will be held at Burusjön for all three stages. The competition area offers a fine mix of detailed slopes, marshlands, and small hilly terrain with both larger and smaller ridges/heights. Large parts of the area are one long extended hill. On one of the competition days, the longer courses will explore the Hemmeråsen and on one of the other days the legendary ”Bermuda Triangle” area. For the shorter/easier courses, we use the area around the river Brunnan.


The maps have been drawn between 2019 and 2024 by Kenneth Kaijsajuntti and Per Forsberg. Map scales: 1:15 000, 1:10 000, 1:7 500.  Contour interval 5 metres.

Child care & String course

Childcare and String courses for younger children are available at the stadium every day. Please bring a SportIdent stick for the children to use at the String course.

”OL-Square” at Idre Fjäll

The square at Idre Fjäll will be the gathering place after the competitions, and we call it ”OL-square” with activities for everyone. The award ceremony for today’s competitions will of course also take place here and we hope that the ”OL square” will be the gathering point for everyone after the competitions – with everything from ”kart talk”, ”good food and drink”, music or just ”hanging out” with friends.

All participants in the youth classes up to 16 years old will receive a prize directly at the finish line (Sunday and Thursday). In the afternoon Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be a prize ceremony for the three best in the youth classes and drawings of prizes among all starters. There is an opportunity to win great prizes from Idre Fjäll in the form of cabin weeks and weekends.

QUIZ-nights with Per Forsberg

We also offer a Jubilee Quiz with Per Forsberg. A Jubilee QUIZ with that little extra considering that we are celebrating Idrefjällveckan 50 years. Anniversary QUIZ is on Sunday 23 June, but we also offer a ”regular” QUIZ on Monday 24 June. Form a team with a maximum of 5 members, no pre-registration, just come to the OL square. Note. The quiz is only in Swedish.


Race director Håkan Carlsson
Race administration Peter Löfås
Course setters Tomas Hallmén, Karin Andersson, Peter Sjödin och Jan Sjödin
Event advisor Sven Larsson, Särna IF
Course advisors Per Forsberg, Lekhyttan. Mattias Karlsson, Jönköping


Training sessions – whenever you want! Orienteering with a choice! You decide when you want to run, where you want to run and with whom you want to run.

From Saturday 22 June to Sunday 25 August, we offer training sessions with marked control points and results via Livelox. Each area offers 10-12 different courses of varying difficulty (except for the Idre Fjäll village sprint with slightly fewer options).

New for Idrefjällsommaren 2024: we also offer complete technique packages in three different areas with slightly different exercises.

The training maps are purchased in the Idrefjällveckan Info Centre at the Activity Centre at Idre Fjäll. NOTE! No pre-registration is required. The training courses will then remain all summer and form the basis of IDREFJÄLLSOMMAREN 2024. Maps are available through self-service in the Activity Centre all summer, payment is made by Swish or Paypal.

The price for a high-quality digitally printed map with course imprint is SEK 80. (Any costs for plastic cases will be added – please bring your own to save the environment!)


  • Åskvitan, middle distance. Opens 22 June
  • Stugbyn, Idre Fjäll sprint distance. Opens 22 June. Stugbysprinten will be the same courses as for 2022 and is available at a reduced price of SEK 20 per map
  • Hemmeråsen, long distance. Opens 24 June
  • Skidstadion, middle distance. Opens 24 June
  • Nipstugan-Bermuda, middle distance. Opens 28 June
  • Burusjön, long distance. Opens 28 June


Idre Fjäll has many options for accommodation for participants during Idrefjällveckan and you book directly at

Warmly welcome!
Idrefjällens OK