• World Cup test races 27 June and 30 June
    On Sunday 27 June and Wednesday 30 June, Idrefjällens OK will organise two test races for Swedish runners ahead of the Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 12-15 August 2021. All runners are welcome, not only Swedish runners. These two races, the middle distance on Sunday 27 June and the long läs vidare
  • Speakers Corner #12 Gustav Bergman
    Gustav Bergman is the reigning overall World Cup winner since the season 2019. He has been one of the best orienteers in the world the last decade. He is driven by his love to the sport he says; – I´m not driven by results but more by finding the feeling and flow in the woods, Gustav says. läs vidare
  • Speakers Corner #11 Sabine Hauswirth
    In Speakers Corner #11 you meet Sabine Hauswirth from Switzerland and she speaks about the very special year of 2020. – Yes, it was very special, particularly when you don’t know what will happen in the near future, she says. Sabine has been a part of the Swiss team for some years now läs vidare
  • Inbjudan Publiktävlingar World Cup 2021 Idre Fjäll
    WORLD CUP IDRE FJÄLL 2021 – PUBLIKTÄVLINGAR I samband med Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 12-15 augusti 2021 så välkomnar Idrefjällens OK i samarbete med Särna SK och SK Smalspåret till tre publiktävlingar. PROGRAM WORLD CUP IDRE FJÄLL 2021 Torsdag 12 Augusti 2021     World Cup Långdistans läs vidare
    IDREFJÄLLVECKAN light 27 juni – 1 juli Idrefjällens OK inbjuder alla till en härlig orienterings- vecka på Idre Fjäll. Även denna sommar ställer vi om för att anpassaoss till den rådande situationen med pandemin. Vi kommer i år att erbjuda totalt 12 olika banor i sex olika områden och allt på läs vidare
  • First entries to World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 are made
    With four months to go we have now registered the two first nations. It was France and Germany who have register their runners and coaches. – We are very pleased and satisfied to welcome orienteers to World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021, Per Forsberg say. We are on our way to offer a fantastic event läs vidare
  • Speakers Corner #10 Ralph Street
    He’s from London but he´s living in Oslo, Norway for quite many years now and has to deal with snowy and cold winters. Ralph Street has a very relaxed approach to his orienteering career but nevertheless he has ambitions. No doubts, he has ambitions in both forest and sprint events. Download läs vidare



27 juni - 1 juli IDREFJÄLLVECKAN light med World Cup-tester
2 juni - 31 augusti IDREFJÄLLSOMMAREN
12 -15 augusti World Cup Idre Fjäll