IDREFJÄLLVECKAN celebrates 50 years

Ever since 1974, orienteering competitions have been organised at Idre Fjäll. Until 2018, it was Kart-Bosse who ensured that we got to experience the fantastic nature and the challenging forests. Now we write 2024 and that means that it has been 50 years since the start of the Idrefjäll week in orienteering. We intend to celebrate this this summer together with our guests, both old and new.

On Monday 24 June, we invite you to the Jubilee-Race. A different competition with a wink to Kart-Bosse and his 40th anniversary. Then it was a track with 40 controls with start and finish on Gränjesvålen. This summer there will be a track with 50 controls. A wonderful challenge for those who want to challenge themselves. There will also be courses with 30, 20 and 10 controls.

We hope that the entire Idrefjällveckan 2024 will be permeated by our celebration together with all our guests from near and far. Another activity that is part of the celebration is that Per Forsberg invites you to a Jubilee Quiz on Sunday evening, 23 June. Don’t miss it!

All competition information (invitation) can be found on Eventor where registration is also open.