Bulletin 4 and new map of embargoed areas

Now we have published Bulletin 4 but also a new map Embargoed areas on IOF Eventor.

We want you to notice that the road to Nipfjällsstugan (through Gammelsätervallen and the border line in the West of the Model Event map) is closed between 10am 11 August until 6pm 12 August 2021.
So, if you want to drop your athletes in the northern part of the Model Event area you have to do it before 10am 11 August 2021.
The road is open again from 6pm Thursday 12 August.

To add regarding Embargoed areas. At Gränjesåsvallen the embargoed area border must be followed. That means for example that the public parking lot Städjan is not allowed to use because it is inside the embargoed area.

We have also provided films from all roads where you can see how it looks when driving the roads in our competition areas.