Let the games begin

Tomorrow, Thursday 12 August the Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll begin. The first distance is the long distance in both challenging and demanding terrain at Lake Burusjön.

The mens course is more than 17 km long with 26 controls. The expecting winning time is 100 mins. For the women the course is nearly 13 km long with 20 controls.

The first start is at 10.10 for the women and 10.37 for the men. Where the start is located is still a secret for the runners. The last runners are expecting to finish at 15.15 (women) and 17.10 (men).

We welcome all to take part as a spectator to follow the action onsite at the arena situated at the Lake Burusjön. Follow the signs and instructions to find the parking. The walk from the parking to the arena is approx. 2 km long.

At the arena you will be able to follow the races via a big screen with nice pictures from the courses and it will be very exciting competitions.

Tove Alexandersson, who won 5 gold medals at the World Championships in the Czech Republic a month ago is the last starter tomorrow. Tove is starting 13.55 and she is the clear favourite.

The last man to start is Matthias Kyburz, he is starting at 15.30. Kyburz, who is the current leader in the overall World Cup is one of many runners with a chance to win tomorrow.

Here is the program of Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021
Thursday 12 August Long distance, Arena Burusjön First start, 10.10 last finish 17.10
Saturday 14 August Middle distance, Arena Gränjesåsvallen. First start, 12.15), last finish 18.45.
Sunday 15 August Relays, Arena Gränjesåsvallen. First start 13.00, last finish 16.45.

All races will be broadcasted in SVT following times
Thursday 12 Aug SVT1 13.00-17.30
Saturday 14 August SVT1 15.00-17.50 SVT2 17.50-19.00
Sunday 15 August SVT1 13.00-17.00