Double victory for the host nation Sweden

The Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll had its last competition day Sunday and it was a big day for the host nation Sweden. Victory in both relays but it was not without excitement because also the relays offer a lot of changes in the top all through the competition.

First to decide was the men´s relay and what a drama! The last leg was really swinging but in the end Gustav Bergman once again show his class when it comes to run the anchor leg. He did the same at WOC just a month ago when he secured the gold medal and he did it also in Gränjesåsvallen Sunday. In the end the fight was between the Swede and Kasper Fosser, Norway. It comes down to a sprint finish where Gustav Bergman won just two metres ahead of Kasper Fosser.

It was not the only Swedish win the last competition day of Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 because the Swedish women were dominating the relay. In the end the Swedish second team won ahead of the Swedish first team.

So many happy Swedish faces at Gränjesåsvallen but not only the runners, also the organisers were happy and proud of their performance and they should be. It was a world-class event in all aspects. Especially the terrain in the surroundings of Idre Fjäll turned out to be very demanding and challenging for the best orienteers in the world. We have almost never seen so swinging and rocking competitions on this level. Fantastic entertaining for all the TV-viewers and spectators onsite.

Idrefjällens OK would like to thank all teams, runners, coaches, staff, spectators and of course the phenomenal crew for some unforgettable and memorable days in Idre Fjäll and the Orienteering World Cup 2021.

Results Relays


  1. Sweden 1 (Albin Ridefelt, Simon Hector, Gustav Bergman)
  2. Norway (Eskil Kinneberg, Magne Daeli, Kasper Fosser)
  3. Switzerland (Danile Hubmann, Florian Howald, Matthias Kyburz)


  1. Sweden 2 (Emma Bjessmo, Johanna Öberg, Sara Hagström)
  2. Sweden 1 (Lisa Risby, Hanna Lundberg, Karolin Ohlsson)
  3. Russia (Anastasia Rudnaya, Svetlana Mironova, Natalia Gemperle)