Per Forsberg

In Speakers Corner you will meet some of the best orienteers in the world. Per Forsberg, the Event Director of OWC2021 Idre Fjäll, has invited both interesting and successful athletes for a longer conversation about their life as a top level orienteer. Every month we will publish two runners, one woman and one man.

Speakers Corner #1 - Simona Aebersold
Speakers Corner #2 - Olav Lundanes
Speakers Corner #3 - Karolin Ohlsson
Speakers Corner #4 - Vojtech Kral
Speakers Corner #5 - Isia Basset
Speakers Corner #6 - Miika Kirmula
Speakers Corner #7 - Andrine Benjaminsen
Speakers Corner #8 - Tim Robertson
Speakers Corner #9 - Cecilie Friberg-Klysner
Speakers Corner #10 - Ralph Street
Speakers Corner #11 - Sabine Hauswirth
Speakers Corner #12 - Gustav Bergman


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Spectator race, Long distance
Middle distance World Cup

Spectator race, Middle distance
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Idre Fjäll hosts the Orienteering World Cup 2021

We are proud to announce that Idre Fjäll will host the Orienteering World Cup 2021.

For many years we have held an annual week dedicated to orienteering and we strive to develop the orienteering at Idre Fjäll. To host the Orienteering World Cup is an honour and an acknowledgement that we are on the right path.

We are glad to be able to welcome participants, audience and sponsors to Idre Fjäll to experience orienteering in true wilderness. We believe that the wilderness here can give our guests a unique experience of orienteering whether you are participating or cheering.

Idre Fjäll was founded in 1965 with the purpose of stopping the depopulation of Idre. Since then, supporting outdoor sports and helping people to explore our nature has been an important pillar stone in our foundation. We have a vast experience in hosting big events and there are no less than three annual World Cup competitions at Idre Fjäll; Ski Cross, Speed Ski and Moguls. We are therefore glad to be able to expand our hosting of World Cup events into the summer season with the Orienteering World Cup 2021.

When you stay at Idre Fjäll, everything is close by, and you can focus on enjoying the outdoors and the adventures we have to offer. We give you the complete experience, with training opportunities, comfortable accommodation, food and activities.

We want the Orienteering World Cup 2021 at Idre Fjäll to bring inspiration, community and a lot of fun and challenging orienteering in the mountains.

Welcome to the Orienteering World Cup 2021 at Idre Fjäll!

Tommy Halvarsson,
Marketing & Sales Manager Idre Fjäll

A warm welcome to Idre Fjäll and the Orienteering World Cup!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Sweden and new competitions. The last time a World Cup was held at Idre Fjäll was back in 2002 and now it is time again. The Swedish Orienteering Federation has a long history of collaborations with Idre Fjäll and now we are taking another step in this good collaboration with an international competition of the highest level.

We will do our best to create fair and challenging competitions and since we are in grand nature we promise experiences beyond the ordinary.

On behalf of the Swedish Orienteering Federation, I warmly welcome athletes, team leaders, officials, spectators and guests to the World Cup competitions in Sweden!

Maria Krafft Helgesson
President of the Swedish Orienteering Federation

Dear friends

It is with great pride and joy that I and Idrefjällens OK welcome you all to Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021. To be able to invite the greatest orienteers in the world is a great honour. The northwest part of the Swedish county Dalarna will offer both testing and exciting challenges whilst surrounded by the most gorgeous nature.

Every summer Idrefjällens OK organises the so-called “Idrefjällveckan”. It always occurs on week 26 with Idre Fjäll as the obvious choice of location. Idre Fjäll offers top-class facilities including great accommodation, plenty of restaurants, and spacious conference rooms. Both during the summer and winter months, Idre Fjäll offers loads of fun activities for the whole family.

The undisturbed wilderness of this northwest part of Dalarna is what awaits the runners. Almost the whole area, which is to be used for Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021, is a nature reserve which means that no clear-cut areas have occurred. As this is the wilderness true sense, the runners get to experience the woods together with its own inhabitants and fauna. Since the Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 will be held in August, you will get to experience the lovely Swedish summer with pleasant temperatures and bright skies long into the night.

Idrefjällens OK welcomes you all to Idre Fjäll in August 2021 and we promise to do our very best to provide and host an event which all of you, including runners, coaches, spectators, partners, sponsors and media representatives will enjoy. We hope this event, Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 will give you all fond memories to look back on.

Welcome to Idre Fjäll and Sweden!

Per Forsberg
Event Director