Speakers Corner #1 – Simona Aebersold

Simona Aebersold

Hungry for more

She is only 22 years old but already one of the best female orienteers in the world. How is it possible? What a journey it has been för Simona Aebersold.
In Speakers Corner 1 she give some answers to her success through the years but she is very determined to achieve more in the future.
– One big goal in the upcoming years is WOC 2023 in Switzerland, she says.
She has just joined the Swiss Army which will give her a great opportunity to focus 100% on orienteering and take another step in her development.

In Speakers Corner you will meet some of the best orienteers in the world. Per Forsberg, the Event Director of OWC2021 Idre Fjäll, has invited both interesting and successful athletes for a longer conversation about their life as a top level orienteer. Every month we will publish two runners, one woman and one man.

The story about our logotype

Every winter our presenting partner Idre Fjäll is organizing several FIS World Cup events in three different ski disciplines, Ski-cross, moguls and speed-skiing. For the purpose of marketing the FIS World Cup events and Idre Fjäll itself, a logotype was created for all three events.

Now, with the Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 coming up, we have created the logotype for the event. The style is very much the same as the logotype for the FIS World Cup events but we use other colors and of course we have added our symbol, the flag. We have kept the big and important symbol of Idre Fjäll which is the reindeer. You, as a runner, coach or visitor, will experience reindeers during your stay at Idre Fjäll in August 2021. We can guarantee you will see at least one, more probably hundreds of them….

We have also updated our club logotype for Idrefjällens OK, which is included in the World Cup logotype. In the letter O you can see the highest peak in the area, Städjan 1131 m.a.s.l, stylized. A very characteristic peak and visible from far. Indeed, it is the mountain in picture of our front page.

We do hope you like our new logotype and looking forward to the Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 as much as we do.

Logo OWC2021

Agreement signed with Emit AB

The organizers of Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 have signed an agreement with Emit AB to conclude the process of choosing the best possible service for the event 12-15 August 2021.

”Having such an experienced partner in our team means a lot for reaching our goal to offer world-class events”, says Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 Event Director Per Forsberg. ”Correct times and results are essential for world-class events. It feels great that this important part of the competitions is in place”.

Emit will cooperate with the Swedish company EliteTiming to be able to provide all punching and time-keeping services required for Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021.

”We are delighted and proud that the organizers of Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 have chosen Emit,” says a satisfied Peter Löfås, Emit AB. “Emit has shown at WOC 2016, WOC 2017 and WOC 2019 how we together can provide the services required for live TV quality events.”

EMIT and EliteTiming are Scandinavian companies specialized in the area of punching and time-keeping. During the Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021, EMIT and EliteTiming will provide full service with equipment and staff. The staffs are very experienced, with the latest major orienteering event being the WOC 2016 Sweden, WOC 2017 Estonia and WOC 2019 in Norway. They also have an agreement with WOC 2022 in Denmark.

WOC 2017 Estonia