IDREFJÄLLSOMMAREN – training courses 2024

As usual, all visitors at Idre Fjäll will throughout the summer have the opportunity to buy a course in one of our fine and challenging training areas. This summer we offer five (5) different courses in each area plus, which is new for 2024, three different areas with technical training courses. The training areas and more information can be found in the invitation but the five courses we offer are as follows: 2-2.5 km easy, medium 3-3.5 km, difficult 2.5-7 km depending on whether it is medium or long distance.

The maps will be available for sale in the Activity Centre at Idre Fjäll from Friday 21 June to Sunday 25 August 2024.

Midsummer at Idre Fjäll

We can recommend that you plan to celebrate midsummer at Idre Fjäll. As usual, the resort has a lot of activities during midsummer. Usually it’s nice at the fäboden where you will be able to dance around the midsummer pole. Keep an eye out at

In addition, Idrefjällsommaren will be opened up already on Midsummer Eve when two of the training areas are opened up. These are Åskvitan and Idre Fjäll (sprint). The maps will be for sale in the Activity Centre at Idre Fjäll from Midsummer’s Eve on 21 June 2024. After that, we will open up area after area during week 26. See more information in the invitation.

Chase start also for the older ones

Last year all competition classes HD14-HD65 had a chase start on the third and last stage of the Idrefjällens 3-days. This summer we have decided that we will offer this also for the older ones. There were some comments on this after last summer so now all competition classes between HD14-HD80 will have a chase start on the last stage.

Idrefjällens 3-day race will be held this summer with one and the same arena for all three stages. The arena will be located right next to Burusjön, which means that we can offer three fantastic stages with slightly different challenges. Stage 1 and 2 are medium distance while stage 3, with a chase start for many, is a long distance.

IDREFJÄLLVECKAN celebrates 50 years

Ever since 1974, orienteering competitions have been organised at Idre Fjäll. Until 2018, it was Kart-Bosse who ensured that we got to experience the fantastic nature and the challenging forests. Now we write 2024 and that means that it has been 50 years since the start of the Idrefjäll week in orienteering. We intend to celebrate this this summer together with our guests, both old and new.

On Monday 24 June, we invite you to the Jubilee-Race. A different competition with a wink to Kart-Bosse and his 40th anniversary. Then it was a track with 40 controls with start and finish on Gränjesvålen. This summer there will be a track with 50 controls. A wonderful challenge for those who want to challenge themselves. There will also be courses with 30, 20 and 10 controls.

We hope that the entire Idrefjällveckan 2024 will be permeated by our celebration together with all our guests from near and far. Another activity that is part of the celebration is that Per Forsberg invites you to a Jubilee Quiz on Sunday evening, 23 June. Don’t miss it!

All competition information (invitation) can be found on Eventor where registration is also open.

IDREFJÄLLSOMMAREN – träningsbanor 2024

Precis som vanligt kommer alla besökare på Idre Fjäll under hela sommaren ha möjlighet att köpa en bana i något av våra fina och utmanande träningsområden. Till sommaren erbjuder vi fem (5) olika banor i varje område plus, vilket är nytt för 2024, tre olika områden med teknikträningsbanor. Träningsområdena och mer information hittar ni i inbjudan men de fem banor som vi erbjuder är följande: 2-2,5 km lätt, medel 3-3,5 km, svår 2,5-7 km beroende på om det är medel- eller långdistans.

Kartorna kommer att finnas tillförsäljning i Aktivitetscenter på Idre Fjäll från fredagen den 21 juni till söndag den 25 augusti 2024.